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Ministry Events


The Straight Way of Grace is coming to your area soon. Please check the calendar below for more details of Usama’s upcoming events…


Don’t see an event in your area?
You can schedule an event here on this page.
1. Find a date when The Straight Way of Grace will be in/around your state.
2. Fill out the ‘Schedule An Event’ form below the calendar. We will contact you with additional information.
3. Be open to volunteer as an Event Coordinator! We always need those!
Click here to sign up.

4. If you don’t see your state already on the itinerary, go ahead and fill out the ‘Schedule An Event’ form so we can start the coordination process.


We look forward to visiting your area soon. Time is running out and the message MUST be heard while we still have time…

2017 – =Itinerary is subject to change as bookings come in.
February- FL, MO
March- AK, KS, OK, TX, WI
Times shown are in the time zone where the event is taking place.
There is a known issue with Google Calendar displaying event times under the ‘more details’ section.
Those times are 5-6 hours ahead and are incorrect!
Correct times are displayed on this page. Thank you for your understanding.


 If you see an open date on our calendar that is suitable for your area please use the form below to contact us.