Does Christianity Kill Gays and Lesbians as Islam Does?

by Usama Dakdok
Recently I received an email from someone who used some colorful words to claim that both Christianity and Islam are violent and promote the killing of homosexuals and that Christianity spews the same hatred as Islam does. He stated, “Your Bible says, ‘kill gays,’ and a mussie (Muslim) did your job for you.” He then accused Christians of being sheep and “intellectually lazy and frightened.” Finally, he wished for me to be hit with a “napalm shower, and then spend eternity, along with the other Christians, in hell.”

I responded by telling him that his question was very logical if he does not know the difference between Islam and Christianity. According to Jewish beliefs in the Old Testament, the judgment of sin is death and that is justice, as God who made us sets the rules. God told Adam and Eve that if they ate from the tree, they would surely die; but they sinned against Him and sin entered our world and death came through the first man. God showed His mercy on Adam and Eve and all the people who lived during the Old Testament in that if they repented of their sin and offered a sacrifice of clean animals or birds to die as substitutes on their behalf, He would forgive their sin. Even though God offered this solution for mankind, many chose not to obey God’s command. That is why God flooded the entire earth because of their disobedience. 

God sent many prophets in the Old Testament to lead people to His mercy, but people stubbornly refused to listen to them. Instead of obeying the prophets, they actually killed them. One of the great things about these prophets was that they gave prophecies concerning the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ in the flesh. He did not come to judge us for our sin but to be the ultimate Sacrifice for our sin. In the Old Testament if a person committed adultery or practiced the lifestyle of a homosexual, they were put to death. That is why when the Jews brought a woman who committed adultery to Jesus, they thought that Jesus would do to her what Moses had commanded. Had Jesus done that, there would not have been any reason for Him to come to us. However, instead of Jesus giving the okay to stone her, He actually made them face the reality of who they were by telling them that whoever among them was without sin to cast the first stone. Obviously, the woman was not stoned because there is none righteous, not one, except the Son of God, who told her that He did not condemn her either and to go and sin no more. Jesus forgave the woman of her sin, not simply because He told her that her sin was forgiven but because He died on the Cross for her and for her sin.

Many people think that the Old Testament’s laws are cruel just like those who drive their cars think the policeman is cruel when he gives them a speeding ticket or arrests them for speeding while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. So, if someone drives a car at 80-90 mph in front of your house and ends up hitting your son or daughter and crushes your child on the old oak tree, what do you think the correct judgment should be for that cruel, wicked driver?  A. a vacation to Hawaii?  B. spend 6 months in prison?  C. put to death by lethal injection?

Some may argue that life in prison would be the right judgment. But what if I told you that this man had killed many other people before he killed your child? I guarantee that you will never ask for any less judgment than his death.

Now answer this question. Was God cruel in the Old Testament to burn Sodom and Gomorrah for their sin of homosexuality? The answer is no. Had God not judged this sin by eliminating those who practiced this lifestyle, you and I would not be here today because if this sin had spread over the earth, not only would people die from its diseases but people would be extinct for homosexuality does not produce new offspring. 

Islam came 640 years after Christ, not only to kill gays and lesbians but Christians and Jews also. Christianity never allows anyone to kill Muslims, Jews, gays, lesbians, or any person who commits any sin but only those who shed innocent blood like the drunken man who killed innocent people. I encourage you, my friend, to read the New Testament to know the great Savior who died on the Cross to pay for all of mankind’s sin because whoever believes in Him will not perish but have ever lasting life.