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Invite Usama Dakdok to Speak

  Usama in Church in MS
  Usama at ACT for America Orlando
   Usama at WVW Event Starry Background
  Usama on ABN pic7
Please contact us about requesting Usama Dakdok to speak at your church, group, organization, special event, or conference.
He is also available for radio/TV
interviews in your area.
The Straight Way of Grace Ministry travels all over the USA and Canada throughout the year. We do not have any set fees for coming to any size group. We are a faith-based ministry, and God provides for us through love gifts and the partner support of people who choose to give on a regular basis.
We would love the opportunity to serve you by working with you to add your request to our schedule. (See Calendar page for more details.)
Fill out the information form with your interest and the possible dates you are requesting. We will get back to you in order to make arrangements to meet your needs.
Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America. We appreciate your interest, prayers, and support!

Request a Possible Date for Usama to Speak