It has finally happened! We made the Headline of a paper that would not print an article about Islam from Usama 10 years ago.

This is what we woke up to on Saturday, August 26, 2017. We knew from news on TV earlier in the week that we had been targeted by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Our ministry was shown on a “Hate Group” map on one of the local news channels.


Usama’s Saturday night radio program discussed this article in detail. You can listen to the whole program by clicking this link:–usama-dakdok–news-politics-terrorism-and-t

This is something that we can’t let go by. We have already had numerous people let us know that they have left comments on the newspaper’s site. You can do the same, if you choose, and add your voice to this outrage against The Straight Way of Grace Ministry and Usama.

You can also let people know about the public information about Islam’s twenty year plan for the USA below. Then below this information you will find Usama’s August article. I think all of this is enough to digest in one newsletter. I will only add that we are being attacked in other areas and need prayer for strength and wisdom as Usama continues to speak out boldly in his upcoming speaking engagements in controversial areas of the United States and Canada.

 Islam’s “Plan” To Take Over the USA in 20 Years 

 As reported by Anis Shorrosh, 

author of “Islam Revealed”

as well as in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin 

and on August 4, 2003.

You can also watch this video

1. Terminate America’s freedom of speech by replacing it with statewide and 

nationwide hate-crime bills. 

2. Wage a war of words using black leaders like Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse 

Jackson and other visible religious personalities who promote Islam as the 

religion of African-Americans while insisting Christianity is for whites only. 

What they fail to tell African-Americans is that it was Arab Muslims who 

captured them and sold them as slaves. In fact, the Arabic word for black and 

slave is the same, ”Abed.”hi 

3. Engage the American public in dialogues, discussions, debates in colleges, 

universities, public libraries, radio, TV, churches and mosques on the virtues 

of Islam. Proclaim how it is historically another religion like Judaism and 

3. Engage the American public in dialogues, discussions, debates in colleges, 

universities, public libraries, radio, TV, churches and mosques on the virtues 

of Islam. Proclaim how it is historically another religion like Judaism and  

4. Nominate Muslim sympathizers to political office to bring about favorable 

legislation toward Islam and support potential sympathizers by block voting. 

5. Take control of as much of Hollywood, the press, TV, radio and the Internet 

as possible by buying the related corporations or a controlling stock. 

6. Yield to the fear of the imminent shut-off of the lifeblood of America – 

black gold. America’s economy depends on oil and 41 percent of it comes from the 

Middle East. 

7. Yell ”foul, out-of-context, personal interpretation, hate crime, Zionist, 

un- American, inaccurate interpretation of the Quran” anytime Islam is 

criticized or the Quran is analyzed in the public arena. 

8. Encourage Muslims to penetrate the White House, specifically with Islamists 

who can articulate a marvelous and peaceful picture of Islam. Acquire government 

positions and get membership in local school boards. Train Muslims as medical 

doctors to dominate the medical field, research and pharmaceutical companies. 

(Ever notice how numerous Muslim doctors in America are, when their countries 

need them more desperately than America?) Take over the computer industry. 

Establish Middle Eastern restaurants throughout the U.S. to connect planners of 

Islamization in a discreet way. 

9. Accelerate Islamic demographic growth via: 

  Massive immigration (100,000 annually since 1961). 

  Use no birth control whatsoever – every baby of Muslim parents is 

  automatically a Muslim and cannot choose another religion later. 

  Muslim men must marry American women and Islamize them (10,000 annually). Then 

  divorce them and remarry every five years – since one can’t legally marry four 

  at one time. This is a legal solution in America. 

  Convert angry, alienated black inmates and turn them into militants (so far 

  2,000 released inmates have joined al-Qaida worldwide). Only a few ”sleeper 

  cells” have been captured in Afghanistan and on American soil. 

10. Reading, writing, arithmetic and research through the American educational 

system, mosques and student centers (now 1,500) should be sprinkled with dislike 

of Jews, evangelical Christians and democracy. There are currently 300 

exclusively Muslim schools in the U.S. which teach loyalty to the Quran, not the 

U.S. Constitution. In January of 2002, Saudi Arabia’s Embassy in Washington 

mailed 4,500 packets of the Quran and videos promoting Islam to America’s high 

schools – free of charge. Saudi Arabia would not allow the U.S. to reciprocate. 

11. Provide very sizeable monetary Muslim grants to colleges and universities in 

America to establish ”Centers for Islamic studies” with Muslim directors to 

promote Islam in higher-education institutions. 

12. Let the entire world know through propaganda, speeches, seminars, local and 

national media that terrorists have hijacked Islam, when in truth, Islam 

hijacked the terrorists. 

13. Appeal to the historically compassionate and sensitive Americans for 

sympathy and tolerance towards Muslims in America who are portrayed as mainly 

immigrants from oppressed countries. 

14. Nullify America’s sense of security by manipulating the intelligence 

community with misinformation. Periodically terrorize Americans with reports of 

impending attacks on bridges, tunnels, water supplies, airports, apartment 

buildings and malls. 

15. Form riots and demonstrations in the prison system demanding Islamic Sharia 

as the way of life, not America’s justice system. 

16. Open numerous charities throughout the U.S., but use the funds to support 

Islamic terrorism with American dollars. 

17. Raise interest in Islam on America’s campuses by insisting freshman take at 

least one course on Islam. 

18. Unify the numerous Muslim lobbies in Washington, mosques, Islamic student 

centers, educational organizations, magazines and papers by Internet and an 

annual convention to coordinate plans, propagate the faith and engender news in 

the media. 

19. Send intimidating messages and messengers to the outspoken individuals who 

are critical of Islam and seek to eliminate them by hook or crook. 

20. Applaud Muslims as loyal citizens of the U.S. by spotlighting their voting 

record as the highest percentage of all minority and ethic groups in America.

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Usama’s Article August 2017

Connect the D.O.T.S.

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend of mine, Tammy. As we talked for quite some time on the great danger of the Interfaith Movement in the West, she gave me a great title for this topic, “Connect the D.O.T.S.”  That is “Connect the Deception of the Serpent” which is a topic we have been involved with for several years. As in many times in the past, recently I received an email from Bob which stated that “a local mosque here has invited Christian churches for lunch, tour, discussion, etc. about how peaceful they are.  I have not attended this, but I know the true purpose is to show the Christians about Islam and either convert them or condemn them.  I’m wondering how Usama recommends dealing with this situation.” 

We have dealt with this in the past by attending such meetings with our video cameras. You can watch an entire meeting on line at  We were very surprised that Muslims and liberal “Christians” alike rejected our cameras being there. You may ask why they want the church to be in their meetings, but at the same time they do not want the whole world to know what is going on in these meetings. The answer is very simple. It is because of who will be in these meetings and how the materials (lies) will be presented or exposed. In these meetings, they will state that they will talk about the “peace” of Islam. If there is no camera present, the meeting will go very well. Why? Because lies will be smoothly spread as people enjoy the Middle Eastern food and the great Arabian coffee. Yes, indeed, it will be a great experience. 

On the other hand, if someone shows up who has some knowledge about the topic and starts quoting verses of the Qur’an and teachings (sayings) of Mohammed in the hadith, things go very differently in these meetings. You can imagine what will take place as Muslims cannot give an answer on camera, and this will be the great destruction of the mosque’s open house or interfaith meeting. 

Imagine with me, sitting in a mosque or interfaith meeting listening to these so-called moderate Muslims saying all these wonderful things about Islam by simply creating smooth, personal opinions or even giving early Mecce and Medine verses of the Qur’an and some of Mohammed’s teachings when he did not have the upper hand, you will truly come to believe that Islam is a loving, peaceful religion. Then suddenly, a man or a woman stands up and refutes this propaganda as we have done so many times in the past, explaining that these flirting words of the loving, peaceful Islam has no place in the reality of the final teaching of the word of Allah in the Qur’an/Mohammed or the true history of Islamic civilization the last 1400 years.

“No compulsion in religion…” found in Qur’an 2:256 is the most repeated verse of the Qur’an by Muslims to prove that Islam is a loving, peaceful religion even though the verse itself does not teach love or peace. It simply states that no one should compel others to believe in a religion. However, did Mohammed compel people to believe in Islam even by the edge of the sword? The answer is absolutely yes.  Mohammed stated in the Correct Hadith by Muslims and others, “I have been commanded to engage in war with people until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Mohammed is the messenger of Allah.” So did Mohammed disobey Allah’s words in the Qur’an? The answer is no. It is actually Allah who changed his mind about the loving, peaceful Islam. That is when Muslims read the final commands of Allah throughout the Qur’an. For example, in Qur’an 47:35 Allah said, “Do not be weak and do not call for peace when you have the upper hand.” Neither Mohammed nor early Muslim believers had the upper hand when they were living in Mecca or the early years after they immigrated to the city of Yathrib. Surprisingly, however, after Mohammed took over the city of Yathrib, in which more than half of its population were Jews and had welcomed him and his companions as “refugees,” Mohammed became a militant, and he began to practice the new and final verses of the Qur’an emphasizing on war, terrorization, and the final stage of Islam of the violent jihad. 

Listen to what Muslims believe concerning jihad from their sharia (Islamic law) book, Reliance of the Traveller, in o9.0: “Jihad means to war against non-Muslims and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion…” We can find the foundation of that belief through many verses in the final word of Allah in the Qur’an.

To learn more just simply search in our translation The Generous Qur’an for the words, warfare, jihad, terror, and such verses that Muslims do not want to have recorded on the cameras where interfaith meetings are held. For more information, please visit