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The topics below are presentations listed in our brochure.
When you schedule a date for Usama to speak you may choose any topic from our list except for How to Witness to Muslims. This particular seminar is reserved to be done after several of the other presentation have already been covered. Usama feels deeply that a good foundational knowledge of Islam is needed before jumping into witnessing to Muslims unprepared with the knowledge of what they believe. Invite Usama Dakdok
Presentations not listed on our brochure above.
Usama has added these new presentations in order to deal with event that are happening around the World at the present time.  These three have been most requested.
alllah ia satan-.pptx [Repaired] copy

Revealing the truth about Jihad and Terrorism of Islam 

This statement was the title of a debate Usama had with Muslim leaders.

In this presentation you will see clearly from the Qur’an and from the Bible why this is a true statement. Usama will also explain the misconception that the Allah Muslims believe in and the God Christians believe in are not the same “god.”

Revealing the Truth about ISIS 

In this presentation you will see the true face of ISIS by looking at its relationship with Islam and the teaching of the Qur’an. You will hear the truth about ISIS that your leaders and the media are not telling you.

Revealing the Truth about the Jihad and Terrorism of Islam

Islam and its goals – world domination
Islam and its doctrines
Islam and its laws – Shari’ah
Islam and its attitude toward Christians
Islam and its contrast to Biblical Doctrines
What’s happening in the world today
The Koran and its contrast to the Bible
Islam’s infiltration in America
The Presentation below is the most recent one. We look forward to seeing it presented all over America.

Revealing the Truth about SHARIA


This troubled world is experiencing a clash of cultures and an ideological war that dates back over 1500 years. The loyal followers of a violent and intolerant religion are once again on the march, seeking to bring the globe under the domination of Islam. The nations that have fallen prey to this ungodly faith are quite easy to recognize. Freedoms and rights enjoyed by most of us in the West are typically denied in Muslim countries; women and homosexuals are oppressed or killed, other faiths are banned or discriminated against, certain foods are prohibited, and penalties for even simple crimes are cruel and severe.

This way of regulating every aspect of life and government is simply known as Sharia.

Muslims claim that Sharia, or Islamic Law, and the freedoms and rights we enjoy from the US Constitution are perfectly compatible. But is this true? Can Sharia and the US Constitution coexist in America?