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The Crusades – Radio Programs

If you enjoyed Usama’s radio programs The Crusades, you may want to invite Usama to speak at your church or group on
Lies in the Textbooks.
Lies in the Textbooks Slide edited with TSW
Sadly, little truth about the Crusades is being taught in our school system. Even more so is the fact that few adults know enough about the Crusades to correct the misinformation being spread throughout the school systems of America. Usama Dakdok has a complete presentation about the numerous Lies in the Textbooks  that are being presented to American students as facts. If you are concerned about Common Core or are worried about how American students are being compelled to learn about Islam in our public schools today, consider planning a presentation with Usama Dakdok on this critical issue.
The subject of the Crusades is being used for the purpose of propaganda in America and the Western World to create a sense of moral equivalency between Islam and Christianity.
These radio programs by Usama Dakdok will give you the truth about the history of the Crusades. Rather that being ashamed of these wars against Islamic aggression, Christians and all Americans need to know the facts about why the Crusades were fought. Usama Dakdok has stated, “The Crusaders were fighting against the ISIS and Boko Haram of their days.”
Usama explains how, if not for the Crusades, America would probably have been established as an Islamic nation,
rather than a Christian nation.

The Crusades