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Has the Bible Been Corrupted?

Radio Programs

If you enjoy Usama Dakdok’s radio program,
Has the Bible Been Corrupted?
You may want to own the DVD.
The Bible has been challenged by skeptics, Muslims, atheists, and intellectuals for centuries. Their arguments against the Bible seem to range from finding passages of the Bible to dispute it historically to questioning  the authors of the original Scriptures and the accuracy of the copies from which the Bible was translated. Muslims say that because the books of the Bible were written by many different authors that its words cannot be trusted. Usama Dakdok has responded to these challenges in his excellent DVD presentation:
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Has the Bible Been Corrupted? – DVD

In these radio programs, Usama Dakdok defends the reliability of the Bible as
the authoritative and Holy Word of God.
These radio programs will help the listener to  answer the challenges Muslims and other skeptics raise in their attempt to dismiss the Bible.
Usama Dakdok discusses how and why we can have confidence in the Bible as the true and living Word of God.
Learn why the Bible is not just another book about religion!

Has the Bible Been Corrupted?