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Islam an American Faith? – Radio Program

If you enjoy Usama Dakdok’s radio programs, “Islam an American Faith?”
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Usama’a hard hitting 2 DVD presentation, “Freedom or Surrender,”  is available on our website. Originally developed for a Tea Party Group in February 2010, it presents clear cut examples of how the influence of Islam and Muslims in the US government is already stripping away the freedoms of Americans.
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In the radio series below, Usama Dakdok refutes the claims made by Muslims about
Islam in America. 
Muslims insist that Islam has a proud history in America. They promote the idea that Muslims are wonderful American citizens who love the freedom and liberty of the United States.
We are lead to believe that Muslims coming from foreign countries to make America their home are coming to be a part of American society and that Muslims want to enjoy the benefits of living under the freedom of our Constitution. Still Muslims will tell us that most of all they want the simple right to practice their religion of Islam freely.
What is the truth? What is the danger?

Islam an America Faith?