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Revealing the Jihad and Terrorism of Islam – Radio Programs

 If you enjoy these radio programs, you need to watch Infiltration of Islam in America.
DVD Face label Infiltration of Islam
By watching this DVD, you can learn how today the United States government, the media, our schools, and even our financial institutions are being infiltrated through covert tactics designed by Muslim leaders years ago. Their goal is simply to create an America dominated by Islam. You will be shocked to see how far their plans have advanced already!
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Infiltraition of Islam in America? – DVD


Jihad and Terrorism are all around us.

The news brings us the sad and frightening stories of how Christians and other non-Muslims are being persecuted, killed, or driven out of their homes and countries. So what is the truth about jihad and terrorism in Islam? Could these horrific events come to America?

Listen below to Usama Dakdok’s series, Revealing the Jihad and Terrorism of Islam, for answers. 

Revealing the Jihad and Terrorism of Islam Series