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Islam’s Real Faith & History

Radio Programs

 If you enjoyed Usama Dakdok’s radio programs on Islam’s Faith and History,
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Revealing the Truth about Islam.
This DVD presentation covers the history and details of the teachings of Islam from the Qur’an and Mohammed’s words. It is an excellent resource to share with family and friends.
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Revealing the Truth About Islam – DVD

Islam’s Real Faith and History 
Usama Dakdok responds to the propaganda

in this radio series. Usama exposes how non-Muslims are being lead to believe that Interfaith Movements are a wonderful way to reach out in friendship to the Muslims of their communities. Some Christians believe that bringing Muslims into their churches and activities may help win some to Jesus Christ. However, the truth is that the Muslims are the ones who are winning converts in these movements and activities.

Listen as Usama Dakdok explains how lies about Islam’s teachings and history are being used as  powerful tools of deception.

Our ignorance is helping Muslims win converts to Islam even from within from   our churches.


The Real Faith and History of Islam (1-27)