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Lies in the Textbooks – Radio Programs

 Usama Dakdok developed his presentation,
“Lies in the Textbooks,” to help Americans recognize how young students are being “brainwashed” to accept Islam.
Lies in the Textbooks Slide edited with TSW
This presentation is based in part on work by the Center for National Security (CFNS). The CFNS examined and documented in detail the nature of the false material being presented to American students in over forty different nationally accepted textbooks, all by major publishers.
Usama Dakdok adds to the powerful impact of the CFNS report by including the actual verses from the Qur’an which expose the false teachings found in our students’ textbooks. This makes it clear that these lies are intended to make Islam appear as a religion of peace that is consistent and tolerant of Christian and Jewish faiths. The verses of the Qur’an make it clear that our children are being deliberately lied to through these books.
Lies in the Textbooks would be a valuable presentation for any church or organization concerned about the education of our precious American children in public schools. The Common Core program now being adopted across the United States includes all these lies and more.
American children from elementary to high school are being lead away from belief in the Bible and the Jewish or Christian faiths by our own textbooks. These books are paid for by American tax dollars.
At the same time, our children are being lead to believe in the teachings of Islam. This is no accident. It is by design. In these radio programs by Usama Dakdok, you will learn why, by the time these same students enter college, they are already brainwashed about Islam.
It is then easy for the liberal college professors and “Middle Eastern Studies Programs” to promote the virtues and superiority of Islam over Christianity.
More states are now adopting and implementing Common Core. Many parents and even teachers are outraged to learn what our children are being required to learn but feel helpless to stop it.
Listen and learn why we must try!

Lies in the Textbooks Radio Programs (1-61)