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Slavery in Islam – Radio Programs

 If you enjoy Usama’s radio programs about Slavery, you may want to Invite Usama to speak at your church or organization.
The challenge is:

Are you equipped to answer the challenges of those who claim that the Bible promotes slavery?

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In this unique and informative presentation, Slavery in Islam, Usama Dakdok explains the details of how Islam teaches the practice of slavery and how the Bible consistently condemns the practice of owning slaves.
As racially motivated conflict arises in America between people of different ethnic backgrounds, Muslims use the history of slavery in America to persuade racial minorities to reject Christianity and accept Islam.
To learn more about this controversial, but important issue, consider inviting Usama Dakdok to come and speak in person. It is easy.
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The Shocking Truth about Slavery in Islam is that it still exists in modern times! 
Usama Dakdok discusses in detail the Muslims’ claim that since slavery was once practiced in America, it is evidence that Christians and the Bible support slavery. Of course, this is false. However, Muslims cannot dispute that the Qur’an endorses slavery. The Muslim world has a history of conquering and enslaving the people of Africa and other lands. Killing a non-Muslim and taking his property and his family as slaves is consistently taught in the Qur’an.
This is why even today Muslims own slaves.

Slavery in Islam