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The Purpose of this Ministry

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Founded by Usama Dakdok in 2001, the Straight Way of Grace Ministry travels throughout the United States and Canada equipping Christians to be effective witnesses of Jesus Christ to their Muslim neighbors, as well as ministering to Muslims directly.
Please look around the website. There are many resources available to Muslims to help them come to know the true Lord, Jesus Christ. If you are a Christian, you may want to learn more about the religion of Islam and how you might effectively reach out to Muslims with the word of our Savior. We believe that every American needs to learn the truth about Islam and how it is destroying the entire Muslim world and quickly infiltrating the West. Please contact us if you would like us to personally visit your church or organization and share “Revealing the Truth about Islam” with an emphasis on the hope that is found only in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
The First True English Translation of the Qur’an
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Exposing the Truth
about the Qur’an..
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Exposing the Truth about Jihad
Volume One: Holy War in the Bible
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How many times have you met a Muslim man or woman, maybe in the airport, or on a bus, or in your neighborhood store, and you felt burdened to share the good news of Jesus Christ, but you didn’t know what to say or even where to begin. The Straight Way of Grace Ministry has now produced a small, convenient tract that will empower you to reach those lost in the deception of Islam. This 24-page mini-booklet will share three facts: First, it seeks to convince the Muslim that the Bible has NOT been corrupted, using just the verses from their own Qur’an. Secondly, it reveals convincing proof that the Qur’an cannot be the Word of God due to an overwhelming number of errors and contradictions. Finally, it clearly presents the loving truth of the soul-saving gospel of Jesus Christ, and how we can have free, eternal life through Christ alone.  
These powerful booklets are $1 each, and if you order a minimum of 5 copies, then shipping will be free.  
To place an order please go to the donation page and make a one time donation for the amount of copies you want. ( 5 booklets = $5.00 and so on…) Make sure to include the correct shipping address. click to order
 Video – Our Ministry
Usama can be heard M-F at 12:30 CST on the broadcast network VCY America and online at www.vcyamerica.org.
 Archived programs are available Right Here
Usama also broadcasts live online every Saturday from 9 pm-11 pm CST with “Revealing the Truth about Islam” on Global Patriot Radio (Click Here)
You can also listen to past programs on demand.


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Our sincere desire is that you would come to know the love of God, and to experience the forgiveness of sins that He provides through Jesus Christ. God promises eternal life for all those who will put their trust in the perfect sacrifice of Jesus.
Please visit the link above to read more about how to have a real and personal relationship with the God who created you and loves you!
Usama Dakdok, “My Views on Islam” Part 1  (interview on 6:30 Point of View TV)
Usama Dakdok, “My Views on Islam” Part 2  (interview on 6:30 Point of View TV)

At Worldview Weekend you will find an abundance of sound Biblical teaching. Brannon Howse has put together a group of well known men of God to provide a variety of programs to educate the audience and glorify God. You may choose to join the (situation room) as a way to watch and listen to  programs which are provided there.
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