1st of a Powerful 3 Part Series with Usama Dakdok Narration NTAuthority Films

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Usama Dakdok Presents "Israel or Palestine?"

Usama Dakdok's Latest Presentation Reveals the Truth About Why American College Students Are Pro-Hamas and Anti Israel.

Wisconsin Rally with Usama Dakdok 2020

Usama's Overview of Islam for 2020 and Beyond

Usama and Al Fadi Discuss the Afganistan Situation

Why American Policy is Threatening Our Nation

Usama Dakdok with Revealing the Truth About Islam

This is our foundational video, a must see!

Usama Explains Jesus of Islam vs Jesus of the Qur'an

Usama's TCT Interview

Usama Reveals Why Muslim's Claims About the Bible are False

The Bible is Not Corrupted as Claimed by Muslims

Usama Was Warning About How Obama Changed America Through "Lawful" Food Over 15 Years Ago

Muslim Immigration Began to Increase to Provide Halal Food for Muslims

The Head of CAIR Refused a Live TV Debate with Usama Dakdok

Minnesota TV Station Interviews Usama Dakdok in 2015

Usama Dakdok's 2015 Interview Continues to Reveal How Sharia is in USA

Usama Challenges the Head of CAIR in Minnesota to Come Explain His Points on Islam

Usama Dakdok Returns to Herman and Sharron's Christian TV Broadcast

Usama Reveals How Islam Destroyed the Christian Country of Egypt and the Non-Muslim Middle East

Usama Dakdok's First Interview on Herman and Sharron on CTN.

Herman Was Amazed.

Usama Dakdok Challenges Anjem Choudry, a Famous Imam in Britain

This video was taken down several times because Muslims know Anjem looked foolish.